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You Will Always Be Winning …

Posted by on 15. April 2018


That's how they offer the crooks coin ...

YOU KNOW THE GAME: „Pitch-and-toss“ or „Head or Tail“ – football/soc- cer games start with this throw of a coin, you are cheated out of your money in shady bars by artistic crooks and in Western movies professional gamblers are shot when they discover that their coins had two identical sides: heads and heads = eagles and eagles, numbers and numbers. No wonder you always choose the wrong side and lost! No, you decide, this won’t happen again, you try to protect yourself – by not playing again or by acquiring a crook’s coin. BINGO, they are offered between on eBay and other internet platforms for a modest price between 9 and 29 Euro! The most popular coin seems to be to 50 Cents piece (showing the amount on both sides naturally) and I wonder, why such a criminal tool is allowed to be sold publicly! A forger has to produce these so-called „Double Sided Coins“. On the other hand: Nobody would pay a 50 Cents amount with a 50 Cents-piece with cost 9 Euro minimum! No, but cheaters jubilate – and you too, when you never loose again while tossing with your friends. Without pinching money from them, naturally!

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