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WILDLIFE The Most Deadly National Park!

Posted by on 27. Januar 2017


Looks good – riding elephants on Safari ...



The emblem of the N. P. ...


… and the location of Kaziranga

NORTHEASTERN INDIA, IN ASSAM! It’s called KAZIRANGA and naturally you can’t find any information about the deadly dangers lurking in this tiger, elephant and buffalo N. P. Informations would scare tourists away and the authorities depend on as many visitors as possible. I found the information in the monthly bulletin of the „Explorers Club“ (of which I’m a member) and even there it was vague, not stating how many people are killed each year, but when I enquired, I heard the figure of „between 70 and 80“. The victims, all killed by wild animals, are not only tourists, but villagers who live near the park and game wardens as well. The reason for the high risk is obviously the especially wild jungle and swamp character of KAZIRANGA and the missing infrastructure. A fact that’s a blessing for the ecology but makes visiting nerve-cracking. By the way: KAZIRANGA is an old National Park, founded in 1905 by the British and measures 430 sqkm. The location is far off the beaten path, not many people visit here and this means, that the percentage of the killed visitors is far above any National Park standard the world over …

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