WILDLIFE A Story Of Glory …

Posted by on 29. Mai 2014

Botswana in Southern Africa ...


… and some of her thousands of elephants!

Don’t believe the advertisements! Of course there is good wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and … – well, not many more countries. But by far and large the best country is Botswana. The reason? Densely populated, fewer tourists, stiff fees in the Sanctuaries, large distances, permits are harder to get, the Okavango Delta is a more or less permanent source of water, large parts are inaccessible for foreigners, poachers are controlled much easier. The figures vary naturally, there is no definite count, but if you want the guarantee of large herds and groups (elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, gnus, lions, wild dogs, hyenas, ostriches, antelopes ect.) and you don’t want to watch the animals from a fuming, noisy parking circle with 20 or more cars around you, go there. Botswana means the traditional, nostalgic Africa in wonderful solitude. Lodges? Fine but not in ridiculous luxury (like the Americans want). I don’t know any other country where the game wardens and guides are so close to nature and wildlife.

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