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What A Wonderful Tattoo Book …

Posted by on 15. Dezember 2018

That’s the unique book …

… and the author with a master

AN UNBE- LIEVA- BLE VO- LUME! A modern bench- mark book! Never done before in this com- plexity and irretrievable for another writer. The title: „Die magischen Tattoos of Myanmar“ – The magical tattoos of Myanmar (= Burma). The author: Prof. Dr. Jürgen C. Aschoff, a German neuropsychiatrist, tibetologist, photographer, author, publisher and antiquarian. It took him years to be accepted in the secret societies of the Burmese tattoo masters, to be able to study the antique (and not publicly shown) designs of the century old tattoo schools, and the be allowed to photograph the most fascinating examples of this Asian art and the tattoo masters at work. The book is in German only, but it contains hundreds of photographs and illustrations, 90 % never seen before. So you don’t need to master German to enjoy it. The ISBN code: 9783931997625. The price: 26 Euro (= ca. US$ 30).

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