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What A Hilarious Website!

Posted by on 30. September 2018

That's the head of the pretty – and entertaining – website ...

GO TO BANKNOTES.COM (yes, it’s an easy adress) AND LOOK FOR THE CROOKS! Go to the bottom of the first page, there you will find „Hall of Shame“, click it – and you will enter half an hour entertaining reading. The following individuals or companies are not just dishonest swappers, traders, collectors who do not send their share to their clients. Many of them are hardcore criminals, such as scammers, thieves, fraudsters, crooks, who are making a „living“ by cheating, scamming and defrauding collectors and dealers. On this page anyone is posted who will cheat, scam or defraud, including delivered but unpaid orders, credit card & check fraud, electronic shoplifting, other activity, such as unreasonable chargebacks, and chargeback-fraud etc. I have the feeling that to publish all those details concerning suspected individuals is highly illegal, but there is an enormous amount of careful research behind each story and the longer I browsed it, to more fun I had …

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