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We Are Underestimating Elevator Doors …

Posted by on 21. Januar 2018

The doors in „The New Yorker“ ...

I WAS REMINDED OF THE MISTAKE WE ALL MAKE by a page in „The New Yorker“ (shown here). The American artist Julia Rothman had 6 elevator doors, all in famous buildings of New York, beautifully painted and the readers were asked, to recognize them (some difficult, some easy). But the essence of this page was: There are lift entrances so unique, so pure in style, so fitting to the whole complex (preferably historical) that they should get their own chapter in art history. Just have a look at those 9 doors of Julia Rothman: one more significant than the other! You could/should each of them unhinge and give them an exhibition room in the Metropolitan Museum. And I know of many more elevator portals like those. Just think of the gorgeous (and creaking) French ascenseur cages of painted wrought iron! Or the Art Nouveau doors made of Lalique glass. The wooden masterpieces in German castles (installed after 500 years of climbing the stairs). I’m grateful to Miss Rothman and „The New Yorker“ for bringing this subject up and I’m waiting now for the architect/art historian to publish the book I’m waiting for. And should you discover a remarkable elevator door, please let me know.

The answers to Mis Rothman’s quiz: A Chrysler Building, B Hotel Carlyle, C General Electric Building, D Hotel Lexington, E Cities Services Building, F Empire State Building, G Tiffany, H Hotel Plaza, I Film Center Building

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