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TREES If You Ever Come to … Germany (No. 69)

Posted by on 6. März 2013


That's the giant oak ...

It’s a giant. The crown has a diameter of more than 30 m or 90 feet, the trunk of more than 9 m or almost 30 feet. It’s an oak (what else in Germany?) and it has a name: „Kreuzeiche“ (Cross’s Oak). Because  Saint Gumbertus planted the tree and worked wonders in its shade. He lived in the mid-8th century (ca. 750 A.C.) but that’s another story – the oak is probably not older than 800 years! That’s not bad either. Thousands flock to this tree every year, touch the trunk, embrace it, lean against it – and feel new power. Energy flows from the wood to the body, from the bark into the skin and gives most of the visitors a kind of revival. You find the „Kreuzeiche“ in Germany, in Northern Bavaria, in the County Ansbach, and there near the hamlet Hürbel.

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