TREES A Story Of Glory … (No. 51)

Posted by on 11. Mai 2013
Baines Baobabs

That's how Thomas Baines painted it 150 years ago ...

Baines Baobabs

... that's a fresh photo of „Baines‘ Baobabs“ ...

Baines Baobabs

... and here they are on a Botswana map

The world got to know about them, when the Britisch painter Thomas Baines (1820-1875) came home from an Africa trip and presented his painting of the 7 trees, called then „The Sleeping Sisters“, standing in the Kalahari Desert, right in the middle of Bechuanaland, now Botswana. It’s not easy to find them, although they are huge, in the Kudiakam Pan, which is part of the Nxi Pan National Park. To camp under their shadow, you need a special permission nowadays and it is very tough to get. But that’s part of the reason why the „Baines‘ Baobabs“ , that’s how they are called today in honour of the painter and his portrait of the trees, look exactly like they did 150 years ago, when they depicted on canvas. I tell you: If you have been there once, you always want to come back. There’s a mystery luring in this sylvan Kalahari spot. It’s like the 7 trees speak to you, if the rustling in their crowns tells stories, and if you want the word „Peace“ illustrated, ist’s not Picasso’s famous  but hackly pigeon, I think, but  time spent in this ailantery …

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