TREASURES Collectors Corner (No. 41)

Posted by on 25. Oktober 2013
Movie Posters

The mini-poster for the German film „The Bridge“ – what a beauty!

It’s strange but they cultivated the art of the movie poster down there in Spain – in all sizes and longer than in any other country. For ages the film companies (and cinemas) employed artists to produces dramatic star images with brush und paint, and there were thousands of so called „Heralds“ or „Handouts“. That’s how they advertised on small pieces of paper the next movies they were going to show, printed works of  art, measuring ca. 4 x 6 in or 10 x 16 cm. Some were created by famous painters, others were just a reproduction of the large posters from the walls. These „Heralds“ disappeared in the 70s, together with most of the movie theaters, the mini-posters survived in collections only. You can’t get them anymore – or they are outrageously expensive. Not in Spain. Alle over the country, from Madrid to Majorca, from Gerona to Cadiz, I discovered them on the flea or sunday markets. Like the one I show you here: the one for the German movie „The Bridge“, showing the actor Fritz Wepper in two stages of his short life as sacrificed defender of his fatherland. I found small collections and single ones. You need to bargain tough, but a price of 1 Euro or 1 US$ for each seems then still possible. Well, they are in Spanish, but which film they advertise is no secret and for the beauty the language is not important.

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