TRAVELS How Long Took It 100 Years Ago?

Posted by on 16. Dezember 2015


Don't get confused, concentrate and look closely ...

THAT’S AN INTERESTING MAP, published in autumn of 2015 by the London newspaper „Daily Mail“. It looks a bit confusing at the first glance since the colors cover the world map a bit. But at the second glance it’s easy to compare your experiences with those, who travelled the same distance in 1914 (before World War I, naturally). RED means you could manage to reach the distinies in 1 to 5 days (Cairo or Trondheim for instance), PINK regions took you up to 10 days (Chicago or Djibouti), ORANGE up to 20 days (Hawaii or Capetown), GREEN up to 30 days (Auckland or Tokyo), LIGHTBLUE up to 40 days (Sydney or the Congo) and for BLUE you needed 40+ days (Australia’s Interior or Manaus). This map fascinated me, especially the comparison of travel time to contrarious parts of the globe.

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