TRAVELS A Notebook In The Rain …!

Posted by on 13. Juni 2017


Fienness used this one ...


… this Moleskin is mine ...


… and that's the latest one

I CONFESS THAT I DISCOVERED IT, while leaving through the wonderful „Explorer’s Sketchbook“ (hailed in another post). There I saw that the British adventurer Ranulph Fienness had used for years a rain- and fully water-proof proof notebook whose binding with rot-proof thread could withstand even dramatic humidity. The question was: Is there a modern version of his booklets, since the type he used is out of order? There is, after a long search I discovered it, under the same number as the Fienness one and by the same British manufacturer: The „2647Mining Transit Book“ or „Survey Book 2647“ from Chartwell! It got 80 pages, the size is 19.2 x 12 cm and it costs 14.34 pound (roughly 18.50 $ or 16.98 Euro). Just remember what one of our great explorers said: „It’s useless to travel if you do it without a pen and a notebook!“ I fully agree – just look at mine …

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