TRAVELS A Nice Discovery In Alsace

Posted by on 23. Oktober 2017

The cottage close to the channel ...

... the one and only room

... the nostalgic bathroom ...

... the cottage with the garden ...

and the location in Alsace

MY ADVENTUROUS FRIEND JÜRGEN* FOUND IT (well, he finds a lot all over the globe, from Slovakia to Sichuan, Galicia to Gilgit), and as always I don’t hesitate to use his informations, they are always to the point for the modern traveller (but possibly not for the tourist). This time: The „Schleusen-Häuschen“ La dantelle in Eglingen (adress: Ecluse 25) in the department Alsace (France), 45 km from Colman. „Schleusenwärter“ means „Lock-Keeper“ in German (Alsace was a German province for ages), that’s the guy who operates the locks on the inland-channels, connecting rivers and lakes, making an overland-waterway possible, despite different shipping levels. They had nice little cottages close to their locks, and since some (maybe most) of the channels are computerized, work automatically or are not un use anymore, lock-keepers are not needed nowadays but were allowed to keep their cottages. This one in Eglingen is one which still belongs to the lock-keeper, he just moved a bit further on, he and his wife take care of the accommodation, service it and if you are in need of anything, just call them (for the traditional French breakfast for instance) – and Jürgen writes: „Absolutely super cosy, just one big room, splendidly furnished with antiques, a wonderful traditional, nostalgic bathroom with all modern comforts, whatever you need – the lock-keeper will supply you with, he is a great frenchman and his wife a treasure. La Danielle is absolutely quiet, fairytale-like romantic and a real lovenest.“ The price varies (season, weekend, holidays), but the minimum seems to be 88 Euro (ca. US$ 95), the maximum 118 Euro (ca. US$ 130) per night. The booking is easy, just ask at Google for „Schleusen-Häuschen in Eglingen“.

* Prof. Dr. Jürgen Aschoff, Neuropsychiatrist, Publisher, Antiquarian, Author, Photographer, Tibetologist and Burmese Tattoo Expert.

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