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TRAVELLING There Is A Room Like A Stadium …

Posted by on 23. März 2016


They call this a „Salone“ ...


… and it's in this Palazzo

I’VE NEVER EVEN IMAG- INED, that a thing like this could exist! Not even far away, in Padua in Italy, Padova in Italian. A room like a football field or a wide market place but covered. 82 m or 72 yards long, 27 m or 24 yards wide and 25 m or 22,5 yards high! I tell you: When you stand at one end and look at the others, there the walls seem to come together. The other end is dwarfed! The perspective converges! A human being is diminished to doll size. Inside a building, and I think this enormous room could sit 1000 guests (maybe more) at an elegant dinner. Or 5000 standing up. What’s all about? Nobody really knows. The building right in the center of Padova (Piazza dell Erbe) is called Palazzo della Ragione, translatable into „Palace of Justice“. So maybe the gigantic room, in untypical Italian modesty called „Salone“, had something to do with the performance of the law. It exists since 1420, for ca. 600 years, without a single column, the view from one end to the others, is undisturbed. A medieval „Wunderwerk“ of architecture, performed by Venetian shipbuilders who, what a simple idea!, put a kind of capsized ship on top of the distant walls and fixed it with chains and hooks. At one end, you can spot a small pony (have a look at the big photo); but I tell you: It’s a wooden horse, bigger than life, a model for a statue by the great Renaissance artist Donatello. This gives you an idea, how big this „Salone“ really is! Next time in Northern Italy, Padova is a must …

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