TRAVEL What a hotspot Angola would be!

Posted by on 14. August 2017


That's the Angolan canyon ...


… and in the lower lefthand corner you find it

I ASSURE YOU: ANGOLA HAS EVERYTHING – landscape beauties, beaches, wildlife, the vegetation, the weather, even some infrastructure, mineral wealth, nice people, a European language (Portuguese) – and she is a enormously rich country. And Angola is bigger than South Afrika, Tanzania and Namibia. But the president and his family is robbing Angola blind. The capital, Luanda, ranks No. 1 as the most expensive city on earth (what a melancholic record!). And tourism? Forget it! As long as the dictator hasn’t squeezed the last cent from the country, they don’t want international witnesses. Angola could be the leading African destiny for travellers – but they are not welcome (only businessman are). I give you one highlight example: In the south, near the town of Lubango, there is a place called Huila and nearby you find a Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon of Africa! A lost paradise, nobody there, you are alone, founded on the 8th day of creation. Hidden in an inaccessible state. What a shame! And instead of clearing his country from millions of land mines, the dictator clears it from all the cash he (his name its Jose Eduardo dos Santos) and his daughter (Isabel, supposed to be the richest woman of the whole continent) can grab.

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