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Travel To East-Germany – Without Visa!

Posted by on 3. Oktober 2017

Sieht von Außen nach nichts aus ...

... bis Koni hinter der Bar steht!

THE AUTHENTIC REMAINS OF THE ONCE PROUD COMMUNIST PART OF GERMANY are … – a bar-saloon-restaurant, called „Koni’s Center“ in the town of Neubrandenburg. It’s a private museum for the nostalgic hungry and thirsty curiosity-seekers, run by a guy with a strange humour and a vast collection of GDR souvenirs. His name, not surprisingly: Koni. Adress, very fittingly: Friedrich-Engels-Ring 62. Welcome back in the Paradise of the Workers and Peasants! Long forgotten local politicians like Ulbricht, Honecker and Sindermann (but Stalin and Lenin as well) adorn the walls, there is an gobelin, showing Ernst Thälmann, the furniture are authentic socialist-german, the lamps once illuminated offices in East-Berlin, and if you look closely, you discover a massive bust of Felix Dsershinski, founder of the Secret Police in the Soviet Union. It’s all pretty haunting, but the atmosphere is okay, the drinks and the food better than „once“, and it doesn’t mean a thing when Koni appears in the uniform of the „Volkspolizei“ (the feared est-german police force) behind the bar. „Koni’s Center“ is, if nothing happens, open from 6 p.m. to 1 a. m. To avoid surpise, just phone beforehand: 0049 395/58 23 620.

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