TRAVEL The News To Use … (No. 21)

Posted by on 12. September 2012
Cafe Florian

The Cafe Florian on the Piazza di San Marco ...

Cafe Florian

... and its expensive orchestra

An old friend of mine, Georg, just came back from the Biennale in Venice. With an excellent advice: All the people who think they are VIP drink their capuccino in the Cafe Florian on the Piazza San Marco. That’s the one with the orchestra. And the amazing bill. Because you not only pay ca. 15 US$ (or 12 Euro) for the coffee, but in addition a „musical fee“! For the pleasure of listening to the orchestra. It might cost you, high or low season, 5 to 10 US$ (or 4 to 8 Euro). Why do that? Next door is the Cafe Aurora, it doesn’t have an orchestra but is in easy listening distance to the Cafe Florian. Without a fee. The capuccino is as expensive but the music free (if the wind is co-operative). Thanks, Georg!

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