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TRAVEL The Book To Look … (No. 32)

Posted by on 12. Oktober 2012

That's his book I highly recommend ...


... and that's the author

This guy is good! I have read three of his books: Siberia, Chiba – and this one: „Shadow of the Silk Road“, published 2006. Author Colin Thubron (*1939) is an Englishman and travels on foot, by bus, taxi, train or or whatever moves in his direction. He sleeps where he stops when the night falls, it mustn’t even be flat. This makes his books so intriguing. In the „Silk Road“ he follows this legendary route from Eastern China to Turkey and what I found irresistable are the chapters written in the most troublesome corner of the modern world – where Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrkyzstan, Turkmenistan and China meet. The most important, most dangerous and deepest divide of the globe, concerning race, religion, language, history, architecture, literature and lifestyle. Suddenly, while reading Thubron, you understand what’s going on there. Why the north of Afghanistan is politically closer to Uzbekistan than Kabul. That there live mysterious, almost unknown tribes in the mountains. Why the Taliban and the Islam in general are hated in vast parts of this region. Why so many traces of Alexander the Great have survived. Why the oldest towns of the world were/are here. And why there are such enormous differences between countries we tend to put into one pot. Thubron explains all this by talking to people – and fending off suspicions to be a Russian, another hated nation in this corner …

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