TRAVEL In Praise of … (No. 48)

Posted by on 23. September 2012
Ningaloo Reef

Here you see the reef, very close to the coast ...

Ningaloo Reef

... the location is north of Perth ...

Ningaloo Reef

... and here you see the location on a detailed map

It exists for centuries, but hardly one out of thousand persons have ever heard of it: the Ningaloo Reef near the west coast of Australia. A true alternative to the Great Barrier Reef along the east coast, 250 km (or 170 mi) long, unusually close to the landmass of Western Australia (often not more than 100 m or 300 ft). Over 220 species of corals and about 500 different sorts of fish live there – and for diving, the Ningaloo Reef is excellent, because it’s less dangerous than the Great Barrier Reef, the access is much easier (and cheaper because „you go home in the evening“, as one friend told me) and there are no damages visible. Location: north of Perth (see map).

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