TRAVEL GUIDES Athens & Rome – Funny!

Posted by on 6. Januar 2016


Matyzak's Book for Athens ...


… and for the ancient Rome

WHAT A SPLENDID IDEA! It happened long ago, I confess, thousands of years, but the problems didn’t change! Our problems, their problems: When the poet Homer came to Athens and the Apostle Peter to Rome, where could they stay overnight and eat without being rich? What hotspots could they visit? Which streets were safe, which quarter they should avoid? And now substitute the „they“ for a „we“ and the travel guides „Athens On Five Drachmas A Day“ and „Rome On Five Denarii A Day“ give a hilarious insight into the problems „They“ and „We“ face(d). The English author, ingenious Philip Matyszak, choose the subtitle „Sightseeing, Shopping and Survival“ – and that’s exactly what we expect in modern Athens and Rome (and elsewhere). And, by the way: How much of what Homer and Peter have seen, its still there? An amazing lot. That concerns the dangers too! And isn’t‘ it very entertaining to follow their tracks trough the city map of the most important centers of our ancient world? I tell you: The next time I’m going o Athens or Rome, Matyszak’s book will guide me – together with my knowledge and a modern book guide. BEWARE: I show here the German editions, but the original ones are in English naturally …

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