TRAVEL Finally There Is a Usable Map …

Posted by on 22. August 2015


That's how the wonder map of Romania looks ...


… and here you see the clever plastic spaces between the sheets!

I KNOW I’M IN COMMON WATER! There is no one out there who hasn’t cursed the traditional road maps. The usual ones, the ordinaries, the one which grow into a wad after more than one use. Unfold them, try to find what you are looking for – and by simply unfolding or re-folding it, it it’s going to pieces. Either the paper is too weak or the space to small (in a car) or you are too strong, and – by the way – the spot you search is always in an fold. True? Now I found the solution, and you wouldn’t believe it: Maps from Warsaw (Poland), produced under license of a cartographical institute in Budapest (Hungary)! A laminated wonder, washable, everlasting and thin even after constant use, and with ample (plastic) space between all sheets (look at the scan!), so you can fold the map in all the directions you want and it will never be harmed! It might be hard to find, but not, for instance, in the filling stations in Poland, Hungary and Romania, where I bought mine (see scan). But look for ExpressMap Polska in the Internet, there you find them all. I can’t say that these maps are cheap, I paid between US$ 12 and 15 (or 10 to 12 Euro) but they are worth it manifold if you remember how many road maps were useless after one use. Oh, by the way: It’s called „comfort!map“

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