TOILETS Let’s Get Personal … (No. 17)

Posted by on 16. Dezember 2013

The famous hollywood star ...


... and the object of her disgust

Mainly ladies, I guess, will applaud the celebrated hollywood star. In or for an intimate moment. What happened? Gwyneth Paltrow was recently nailed to the cross as a bitch because she insists, whereever she visits a toilet (in restaurants, gyms, privat houses),on a „unused“ toilet paper roll. Which doesn’t mean what you think. Worse! She wants a roll fresh from the store or stock. A roll from which nobody has ripped a leaf or two. One which nobody has touched before in the toilet. With dirty fingers. With bacteria-hands. A roll which didn’t hang in the cabine’s spender for days or even weeks. Miss Paltrow wants to be the first user, and she doesn’t care what happens afterward. Is her attitude just bitchy or comprehensible? As I said before – thousands of ladies, my wife including, will agree with her. And adopt her toilet ways immediately. I don’t. Because I think the toilet paper has gone a long and dangerous way before it lands in the loo already. And as my beloved „Lehrmeister“ Heinrich Harrer always said: „If two bacteria meet, they will both die in the fight.“

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