STYLE This Shop Is Top… (No. 17)

Posted by on 11. März 2012
La Rochere

Some of the glasses from 1475 and La Rochere ...

La Rochere

... and the modern day logo

I’m fascinated by century old companies, still going strong. Just look in the internet for the list of Oldest Companies – you will be amazed: There is a hotel in Japan, open since 705, and a restaurant in Salzburg (Austria), open since 803. And in 1475 the first glasswares were produced by the company La Rochere in France – and still are in more or less the same premises and by the offsprings of the original glassblowers! Beautiful glasses they are, not cheap but in the Royal French style ( Solid and noble, heavy and at the same time delicate, decently decorated and in the hand feeling like a warm apple. Just have a look at the assortment I show you here …

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