ANTICS The Shop Is Top … (No. 1)

Posted by on 11. Juni 2013

One of the paths in the jungle of the „Stone Age“ in Miami ...

You want 10 stuffed giraffes? A complete Post Office from the 20s and the Midwest? You like a Gasoline Station more? 5800 portholes? 85 figureheads? Or just 20 Louis Vuitton trunks? 13 globes? I could go on for ever with the antiques I saw in the „Stone Age“ in Miami. A warehouse with jungle paths, never wider than one yard and higher than two yards. You can easily get lost after an hour of wandering, with routes branching off into caves and dead ends, the millions of articles not stored for display but for the lack of space, very deep and up to the roof, reachable by ladders and fragile steps only. Nobody will help or advice you. The owner and his boys don’t want to be disturbed with question. Look, choose, bring it, pay and „So long“. You woulnd’t understand their mumble anyway. The neighbourhood is aweful, just junk and ship yards, go there in a car which can by locked from inside. The adress: 3236 NW South River Drive, a bit farther than the pick-up place of the car-hire. I tell you: All people I have send to „Stone Age“ had the feeling they must kiss my hand … – join them!

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