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The world map of sunken ships in the last 2500 years


„Titanic“, the finest underwater trophy

IT’S ONLY A MILD ESTIMATE, but the Unesco reckons, that there are 3 millions of them! Counted only those of which a certain amount of remains can be found – the world map, I show here, gives you an impression where they are to be found. From the times, when the Phoenecians roamed the oceans in their merchant fleet to the battleships of wars of the 2oth and 21st century – the finest trophy being the „Titanic“ in the northern Atlantic (see picture). Only roughly one tenth of the wrecks are discovered or located, and circa half of them are worth exploring, because there is enough left to be brought to surface or to be inspected down there. The bottom of the seas is a vast landscape to be explored (well, the only one left!) and as one professional expedition diver resumes: „The fascinating thing is that each wreck, even the most unimportant one, has to tell an enthralling story!“ I had no idea that there are so many wrecks, and it explains why there are hundreds, or thousands of divers underway – simple treasure seekers and oceanic historians, adventurers to make a name of themselves and bloody amateurs with too much money and nothing also to do. I would love to join them …

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