ART The Nice Advice … (No. 60)

Posted by on 13. Februar 2012

The Painter who's loved by thieves ...

Why do I tell you this? Because I saw the latest edition of the international „Art Loss Register“. The Spanish painter Picassos is loved by thieves and their anonymous clients, the criminal collectors! In the moment he is by far the No 1 artists, no less than 1147 paintings are missing. And 52 % of all works of art are stolen from private homes, not museums! Therefore beware and make a better deal with your insurer. Oh, by the way: The works of a completely unknown Amerivcn artist by the name of Nick Lawrence is the No 2 favourite of the thieves with 557 works stolen, and Andy Warhol is No 7 only (with 343 disappearances).

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