RESTAURANTS The Nice Advice … (No. 51)

Posted by on 2. Februar 2012
Cafe Luiz

... lies the Cafe Luiz, seen here after an extensive lunch. Watch the potato salad on the plate!

Teatro Municipal

3 minutes walk from the Teatro Municipal ...

It could be that the „Garota de Ipanema“, which I recommended  earlier, is full. Or too noisy. Or closed. Or you don’t like it as much as I do. The alternative in Rio de Janeiro, at least in bright daylight, is the Cafe Luiz, three minutes walk from the Teatro Municipal, in the Rua Carioca, 39. It dosn’t look too inviting on my photo but believe me – they serve the best chop in town (and probably in the whole of Brazil), and a Schnitzel, the Viennese would lick their fingers for. With the most delicious potato salad in the world, regular customers say, but this title is claimed by more restaurants than the numerous heavyweight world champion belts in boxing. Nevertheless, yes, it’s extremely good! Oh, I forgot to tell you that the Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni loved the Cafe Luiz (and the Schnitzel) and went there every day when he performed in the Teatro Municipal …

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