RIVERS The Nice Advice … (No. 49)

Posted by on 3. November 2011
Amazonas Clipper

What a great idea! Cruise the Amazon like Fitzcarraldo ...

My friend Carlos (Probst) had the idea: Take an old Amazon steamer, one of those „Fitzcarraldo Boats“, restore it to rubber boom splendour, add modern luxury and cruise the river system of the Rio Negro and the Salimoes, which end up to be the Amazon. Carlos calls his fleet „Amazonas Clippers“, that sounds good, and his enterprise is based in Manaus. On the boats, you can just sit and stare, go fishing, do a a trip on a rubber dinghy or walk in the reinforest and and and. All in comfort & safety, but still adventurous enough, with great guides and if you are lic´úcky, Carlos will join you. Contact: info@amazonasclipper.com.br, or have a look: www.amazonclipper.com.br

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