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HEALTH The Nice Advice … (No. 41)

Posted by on 9. August 2011


The count in the Sahara – never thirsty ...

Laszlo Ede de Almasy (1895-1951), an Hungarian count and explorer, the role model for the fictitious adventurer Quartermain (a lot of people believe) and „The English Patient“ of novel and movie fame (that’s for sure), discovered a secret which saved the life of those who knew: Some drops of simple Chianti wine make even putrid water drinkable! He always had a flask of the cheap wine with him on his breathtaking Sahara expeditions (see his book: „Swimmer in the Desert“) – and it worked. Why, was a totally unimportant question, Almays never tried to find out. And why it doesn’t work with wine from other geographical and financial regions, was also never detected. After a while the Chianti in his flask tasted worse than the worst water but still cleared it. Thank you, Your Highness …

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