TRAVEL The Nice Advice … (No. 45)

Posted by on 29. Juni 2011

...and this is the unique House of God in the middle of the Finnish nowhere


Here you find Petäjävesi ...

In the Reich of the gigantic moskitoes, in the middle of the Finnish nowhere, 30 km west of Jyräskyla (see map) and on a peninsula between the lakes Jämsänvesi and Petäjävesi – jessus, you still want to go there? You should. For the wooden church of Petäjävesi, a unique House of God, built in the years 1763-1765 in Gothic, Renaissance and typical ethno style. It looks bigger on the photo than it is: a cross with four arms, each measuring 17 x 7 m or 51 x 21 feet each. It’s a kind of blockhouse with a tower, painted and sculptured by peasants in all their naivity, filled with angels and faces, a St. Christopher with the pulpit on his head and the fattest Putti of christianity. The cloth on the altar is a century old bridal veil and … – I tell you: Every step is a discovery! But make your choice: In winter it’s freezing cold and the snow lies as high as you are. In summer you have the monster moskitoes … and excuse me for the names: Finnish is a very peculiar language!

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