DRINKS The Nice Advice … (No. 17)

Posted by on 9. Juni 2011
Sydney Sunrise

Sydney: The Opera and the „Sunrise“ – don't ask for more ...

When I sat down in the lobby of the „Regent“ hotel in Sydney, a waitress looked at me and said: „What you need now is a ‘Sydney Sunrise‘, Sir.“ At 5 o’clock in the afternoon? „Always“, she said. Originally it was the Australian morning cocktail after a long night. Created in this harbour front hotel if the lobby over six or eight or ten floors wasn’t depressing enough to sober you up. She brought the drink and the bill for 6 Aussie dollar (= 5,70 US dollars or 4,30 Euro), I emtied the glass, ordered another one and the recipe which she brought in printed form: 1-2 tablespoons of honey, 3 cl fresh limejuice, 1 raw egg, 1-2 dl orangejuice, put all in the mixer, serve dwith ice and sprinkles of nutmeg on top.  I tell you, after three  „Sydney Sunrise“ a deceased horse starts galopping, Lazarus would start at the Olympics and I forgot about the jetlag after 24 hours in the air and was reborn in front of the famous opera house


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