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MONSTERS The Critic At Large … (No. 32)

Posted by on 16. Februar 2012
Avenue Foch

This is the Avenue Foch in Paris ...

Avenue Foch

... and this is the No. 42

I mentioned the cruel ruler of the oil rich state of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang (worldwide the most hysterical fan of Marilyn Monroe), before. His country, some islands and a bit on the continent in the knee of Africa, has 676 000 inhabitants only and is as small as Belize in Central America. The dictator has a son, Teodorin, who lives in Paris in the poshest apartment building possible – 42, Avenue Foch – and spends millions on his lavish lifestyle. With 10 servants, 15 luxury cars (Maserati, Farrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes ect.) in the garage and a flat filled with antique furniture, old and modern master paintings, a Hammam, a movie theatre and one of the largest collections of designer outfits, the police had ever seen – after they raided the apartment. They did it, because the ruler’s son (no education, no profession, but a diplomats passport and about one million dollar or 750 000 Euro allowance per month) was accused of smuggling, concealment of stolen goods and tax evasion. But nothing happened really, because France is fighting for the oil drilling rights in Equatorial Guinea (against Spain and Nigeria) and one call of Papa was enough to exonorate the son …

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