AUCTION The Critic At Large … (No. 3)

Posted by on 7. März 2011

A Jew's Star from the Warsaw Ghetto ...

On eBay Poland a Yellow Star was offerend, the Mark of Cain, the Jews had to wear in the streets and the getto of Warsaw (and all over Europe). The Nazis forced them to the Star of David and I wanted to buy this precious surviving piece, for me the highest medal of courage ever designed. But I couldn’t! A message appeared, informing me about certain laws with enormous bla-bla, I read „Nazi symbols“ and „Fashism“ and so on. Which means: On eBay the „Judenstern“, at least in Germany, is in the same shameful category as Hitler portraits, SS daggers and swastika flags. I haven’t recovered yet from this shock. If there is such an idiotic regulations – change it fast! To continue with this sales policy, is pure antisemitism!

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