BIBLE The Critic At Large … (No. 3)

Posted by on 14. Dezember 2011

A Roman soldier ...


... and Christ on the cross

I proudly introduce „Pocas“! It was a popular drink in ancient Rome, made by mixing a few drops of vinegar with water and flavouring herbs. It became an everyday drink for the Roman Legions and the lower classes from around the 2nd century BC, continuing to be used throughout Roman history and into the Byzantine period. It had important dietary advantages as well as being a source of liquid, it provided calories and helped to prevent scurvy by cintaining vitamin C. Its acidity killed harmful bacteria and the flavouring helped to overcome the bad taste of local water supplies. And now to the lies: 1) I read in Wikipedia that instead of vinegar they often used faulty wine – that’s nonsense! 2) The legionnaire who is said to have tortured Christ on the cross with a sponge of vinegar when he was thirsty, gave him „Pocas“, the drink he had in the flask on his hip. The catholic propaganda later created the sadistic touch …

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