ANIMALS The Critic At Large … (No. 25)

Posted by on 7. Mai 2012

Leopard: 3000 $ ...


... Zebra: 600 $ ...


... and lion: 5000 $!

I confess, as a game warden I’m biased. I fully understand the lure of the wild, the exitement of hunting. But for meat, in self-defence or in a case of emergency only. I’ve shot many animals in Africe but never for the trophy or to have something to tell. I find it shocking that the most wonderful beast are still sacrificed by goverments for peanuts. If a hunter really wants to shoot a lion, you should ask for 100 000 $ or 500 000 $. But I know countries where you get a shooting licence  legally – for 5000 $ or 4000 Euros! For a wonderful male lion! A rare cat like the leopard is sold for 3000 $ or 2400 Euros! Zebras are shot down for 600 $ or 500 Euros! I’m against the hunting ban, to make my point clear. The hunting ban in East Africa killed more animals than 100 years of poaching because the presence of hunters held the poachers at bay. Without hunters, nobody controlled the killers. But, please, sell not so many shooting permits and if, ask for much more money.

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