NEW YORK The Book To Look … (No. 8)

Posted by on 14. März 2011

The Cover of „Rats“ ...

I never forget the statistics of 1985 when the mayor’s office in New York had to confess, that 311 citizens were bitten by rats – but 1519 citizens had been bitten by citizens … – despite the fact that for every citizen there are at least three rats in town! Interesting. And then I discovered the book „Rats“ by Robert Sullivan. He had lived in the garbage heaps of the back alleys of New York for one year, 365 nights in close vicinity of the rats, sometimes mistaken for a bum and beaten, often arrested for vagrancy, even attacked by the animals he came to study. „Rats“ is a wonderful horror out of real life and for me it was an eye-opener because after I turned the last page and went to New York the next time, I really saw more rats than citizens. That hadn’t happenend before „Rats“ (oh, look at the great cover showing Manhattan as a rodent …).


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