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HISTORY The Book To Look … (No. 6)

Posted by on 13. August 2011
„The Poisenwood Bible“

A new „Heart of Darkness“ ...

Barbara Kingsolver

... and the beautiful Barbara

How can a 55 years old beauty from Maryland (USA) write the best book on the Congo? Barbara Kingsolver could with „The Poisenwood Bible“. I never read a more detailed, accurate and fascinating narration of the life of an American missionar’s family, living farther in the dark than the „Heart of Darkness“. With young daughters, torn between love and hate for the natives, a stubborn father who risks the life of all whites because of his christian fanatism, and a mother who loses her mind over all this. Kingsolver uses a clever trick: The six females in the family tell the story in turns and varying aspects. I was sorry when I came to the last page …

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