CULTURE The Book To Look … (No. 29)

Posted by on 26. Februar 2012

A History

History starts with this 1,8 million year old Chopping Tool from the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania ...

A History

... and ends with this Solar Lamp, produced 2010 in Shenzhen (China) ...

A History

... in this Volume you should know!

Neil MacGregor has written this enormous book, the director of the British Museum in London. It’s a important volume to learn, to remember, to wonder – and to disagree! „A History of the World in 100 Objects“ shows and explains what really mattered in evolution and development, advancement and significance. Or not? Or maybe? It’s a very personal, subjective assortment from all over the world, executed with the strong will, to include cultures a historian would not think of  normally. But MacGregor wanted to be fair and politically correct, and this makes the book so fascinating. Don’t think you can read „A History …“ in bed! It has 732 pages, measures 23,6 x 16 x 6,4 cm (or 9,3 x 6,3 x 2,52 inches:) and weighs roughly 1,8 kilo or 4 lbs. The German edition is even bigger and heavier. You get „A History of the World on 100 Objects“ from eBay or Amazon for 15 Pound or 24 $ or 18 Euro

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