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TRAVEL The Book To Look … (No. 23)

Posted by on 20. September 2011
In Sibiria

A wonderful book, 287 pages ...

… you’ll find in Colin Thubron’s „In Siberia“. A breathtaking book, only an Englishman could have written, I think. Here, a man travelled for thousands of miles through the unknown one fifth of the earth, often being the first westener – after the Gulag prisoners. And on page 270 I found the following episode: „Not far from where I slept next night is the coldest inhabited place on earth. At Oimyakon a temperature has been recorded of -97,8 F (or -72,1 C). In far lesser cold, steel splits, tyres explode and larch trees shower sparks at the touch of an axe. As the thermometer drops, your breath freezes into crystals, and tinkles to the ground with a noise they call ‚The whispering of the stars …“. Isn’t that great – and the book is full of stories like this one.

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