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ISLANDS The Book To Look … (No. 7)

Posted by on 15. September 2011


That's the book ...


Inaccessable Island

... just a rock in the Southern Atlantic ...


... the Stoltenhoff Brothers (in brown) ...

Atlantisia rogersi

... and the bird they discovered

Eric Rosenthal, a South African, wrote it – and it’s breathtaking. Title: „Shelter from the Spray“. It’s the story of the German brothers Friedrich and Gustav Stoltenhoff, who tried in 1872 to settle on Inaccessible Island near Tristan de Cunha in the Southern Atlantic. They wanted to open a seal fur trade, but had to be rescued by brave seaman who risked their lives. The brothers survived by hunting rockhopper penguins and discovered another strange bird unable to fly: the Atlantikralle or Atlantisia rogersi. Today the Stoltenhoffs are honoured by an island and gold coins bearing their name. Our problem is, that „Shelter from the Spray“ is offered at Amazon for 210 $ or 200 Euro (used!). That’s by far too expensive. But the exitement is worth it …

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