ISLANDS The Book To Look … (No. 2)

Posted by on 15. September 2011

The poor convict on the cover ...

It’s the biography of an innocent murderer from England, who was deported to the penal colony in Tasmania: „For the Term of His Natural Life“. The Australian Marcus Clarke wrote it brilliantly in 1870, it is a work of deepest emotions and highest tension, one of the best „factions“ I ever came across. You can follow the trail of the poor convict across Tasmania step by step from Port Arthur to the Gordon River, from Lauceston to Hobart, shackeled in chains, beaten – and his sidetracks to all the hells, still existing as carefully preserved relicts and ruins, dungeons and cells on this exiting island south of Australia and around the corner from the South Pole. It has been filmed a couple of times, not too bad, but nothing beats to travel Tasmania with an illustrated edition of the book in hand, suffering all the way with the unhappy hero Rufus Dawes

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