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The Art Of Fumiko & Hiroshi

Posted by on 14. Oktober 2017

One of Fumiko's Bonsais ...

... and a tipical Hiroshi ceramic

MY FRIEND HANS, whom an unexpected and unjustified stroke of fate (because he didn’t cause it by doing anything wrong) shackles to his bed forever, told me the following story from his second fatherland Japan (his wife Yoko is Japanese and he has written most valuable books about this country): „I’m doing everything, to make an exibition of my friends Fumiko and Hiroshi in Tokyo a success. I know Fumiko for more than 30 years. Nowadays she is probably Japan’s most famous Bonsai artist. No wonder – she comes from a well-known Bonsai family, her grandfather was the founder of ‚Bonsai cho‘, the Bonsai village in the outskirts of Omiya. Up to his death, her father Kato San took care of the Bonsai trees of the emperor and almost once a week he went to the imperial palace. For many years now Fumiko lives with her husband Hiroshi in Nasu. She has a beautiful nursery there and Hiroshi produces pottery and ceramics. He has studied his profession in Finland which might explain his unusual style, never seen bevor in Japan – and so delicate, that one hesitates to touch his wonderful works of most fragile art. One even wonders, how Hiroshi manages to manufacture things like this, which – so far – only Mother Nature was able to produce in form von rare orchids or deep-sea creatures.“ I don’t know, if the creations of Fumiko are more admirable than those of Hiroshi. But I convince myself that there is no need to compare Bonsai with potterey …


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