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FOOD Ever Heard Of The TRUESCHE?

It’s possibly the best tasting fish, but it’s rare like Caviar …I CONFESS, I DIDN’T KNOW IT! Nobobody I know had any idea that this sweet water delicacy existed so close – in the Swiss Lakes. And that there are still fishermen who go for the TRÜSCHE – and before they catch one, it’s sold … Continue reading »

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ART A Fabulous Look At The Refugee Problem

I think the Swiss sculptor Ruth Reiser created a masterpiece …WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Europe’s problem No 1. expressed in a unique work of art! Created by a Swiss star in certain connoisseur’s circles: Ruth Reiser from Zurich. A boat overloaded with anonymous black  refugees with empty white eyes. In the center a kind of … Continue reading »

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ART A Story of Glory (No. 39)

This year you shouldn’t miss Rauch’s & Polke’s glass windows …I will give you six examples here: Neo Rauch‘s blood-red triptych in the Elisabethkapelle (chapel) in the Dome at Naumburg (Saxony-Anhalt/Germany), depicting the life of the noble saint, and three of the seven windows of Sigmar Polke in Zurich‘s Großmünster (Switzerland). No doubt: The two … Continue reading »

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LIGHTERS Collectors Corner … (No. 6)

There are hunters of old flame spenders, fired by gasoline or petrol …I didn’t know, that there is a fundamentalistic scene of people collecting those lighters, fired by gasoline, petrol and flints, and coming in myriads of shapes. I didn’t even know that these lighters form a branch of art, showing on top or around … Continue reading »

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