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MONEY The Multi Zero Desaster!

Look at these banknotes: Documents of corrupt despots … USELESS AND NOT WORTH THE CRISPY PAPER THEY ARE PRINTED ON – and now remember, that both states, Zaire and Zimbabwe, once belonged to the most prosperous countries in Africa and on earth! And then stupid, ruthless and even criminal despots (and their families) ruined the … Continue reading »

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MONEY 2 Only Clean Dollar Bills, please!

The strange monetary rules in some countries … I’VE JUST BEEN TO SOUTHERN AFRICA, with a pocket full of US-Dollars (well, as much as I could afford). But I wasn’t able to use all of them, in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa they would not accept all the banknotes I offered. As readers of my … Continue reading »

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TRAVEL Moments You Never Forget …

… like a journey with the „Zambezi Queen“ in BotswanaI confess, I didn’t make the journey myself, but I visited the boat. A beautiful vessel, equipped in luxurious splendor, and steaming a unique route – along the Cbobe river in Botswana, just a few kilometers away from the convergence point with Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe! … Continue reading »

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MUSIC Newly Discovered …

Just listen to FLOEWE from Swaziland! A star in her country She is gifted, beautiful and traveling from festival to festival in Africa: the singer Floewe. That’s not her real name and one hardly knows how to pronounce her pseudonym. Her real name is Fikile Dhladhia and I recently discovered her 15 years old first … Continue reading »

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CLUBS The Book(s) To Look … (No. 34)

Traveling the colonies, don’t miss the old bastions of social lifeLet me name two: „The Bulawayo Gentlemen Club“ in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) and „The Muthaiga Country Club“ in Nairobi (Kenya). Nowhere were the colonies (in this case: British) whiter. Yes, the clubs were wonderful, noble, exclusive but a relict of supposed Aryan supremacy. Africans could enter … Continue reading »

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MONSTERS The Critic At Large … (No. 33)

Sir Robert, the hell is expecting you, don’t let the devil wait! Sir or Comrade Robert Mugabe (as he is called beside the fact, that the Queen has declared the Sir void) is the hero of independence in Zimbabwe. But he became a bad president. He and his clan robbed the once rich country blind … Continue reading »

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DOGS The Nice Advice … (No. 59)

May I introduce a dog, a Python can’t devourI mentioned my old military boss Patrick Mavros, the great silversmith and carver of the wonderful ivory art in Harare (Zimbabwe), already in a previous chapter of my blog (you see him there with a huge python he found in his geraden). Now he has sent me … Continue reading »

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ART Interesting People Along The Way … (No. 19)

Larry Norton is the master of the painted Africa He lives in Vic Falls and nobody paints Africa better than him – landscapes, animals, plants, historical moments. Larry Norton is a master of the brush. Well, sometimes he caters too much to the tourists taste but its hard for an artist of his quality to survive … Continue reading »

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TRAVEL The Nice Advice … (No. 27)

Wanna go on Safari? Phone Tony Moore, the best in AfricaThey call him „The Hollywood Star of the Game Wardens“ for his looks, we call him „The No. 1“ for his knowledge of the wild: Tony Moore from Vic Falls in Zimbabwe. Safaris with him on foot, by boat or by car are just the … Continue reading »

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LEGENDS Let’s Get Personal … (No. 13)

The last picture of the White Hunters, only two are still alive!We are sitting in the shade of our pith helmets, somewhere in Zimbabwe, guns in hands or on laps, ready to shoot. Four White Hunters, dinosaurs of manhood, a dying breed in Africa, almost extinct mammals (me on the left). But we didn’t shoot … Continue reading »

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