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MONEY The Multi Zero Desaster!

Look at these banknotes: Documents of corrupt despots … USELESS AND NOT WORTH THE CRISPY PAPER THEY ARE PRINTED ON – and now remember, that both states, Zaire and Zimbabwe, once belonged to the most prosperous countries in Africa and on earth! And then stupid, ruthless and even criminal despots (and their families) ruined the … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS An Elephant With Four Tusks …?

Yes, I saw this miracle – in New York! THEY DON’T SHOW THIS TROPHY TO EVERYBODY at the headquarter of the Explorers Club in New York. Members (as I am one) are entitled to enter the so called „Trophy Room“, and you might remember that some posts ago I presented you with the pelt of … Continue reading »

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MEDICINE The Nice Advice … (No. 9)

Coconut water for blood? You must be joking, Dr. Michael Wood!When the founder of The Flying Doctors, the legendary Dr. Michael Wood, gave a medical lecture to the members of the Heinrich Harrer expedition into the Ituri Forest in Zaire, including me, he told us the following: In case of severe loss of blood deep … Continue reading »

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