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A cocktail to hear the angels sing …

IT’S CALLED „THE SCENT OF THE GODS“, probably after the novel by Singapore-born writer Fiona Cheong with the same title, first published in 1991. It’s a rare drink, not offered in many bars and unknown to 99 % of the barmen. And I can’t give you the recipe because it’s secret. But I will name … Weiterlesen »

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JEWELLERY Collectors Corner … (No. 41)

There’s an island in the Baltic Sea which belongs to Germany and is called Rügen. On the island is a coastal village called Binz (pronounced „Binns“). There lives an Irishman who followed his love in the early 90s to Rügen and started an amber business: He fishes the petrified tree gum from the sea, refines … Weiterlesen »

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