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FOOD Ever Heard Of The TRUESCHE?

I CONFESS, I DIDN’T KNOW IT! Nobobody I know had any idea that this sweet water delicacy existed so close – in the Swiss Lakes. And that there are still fishermen who go for the TRÜSCHE – and before they catch one, it’s sold already to gourmets!!! The facts: It’s the only lake- and river … Weiterlesen »

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HOTELS The Nice Advice … (No. 61)

You want a spot with eternal good weather, even in winter? And a hotel to feel at home at a reasonable price? In a landscape or town who come close to the word „paradise“? I tell you: Pizzo in Calabria (Italy) is your destination. One yet undiscovered jewel, never colder than 15 C or 59 … Weiterlesen »

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CLIMATE Lost & Found … (No. 19)

I tell you, it’s so cold, even Long Dong Silver couldn’t exibit any length! In the hot summer of 2006, when central Europe thought the climate change had come (suffering 100 and more degrees F or 40 degrees C), up at the tiny Funtensee it was 31 degrees F (-0,5 C). But just 100 yards … Weiterlesen »

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