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DELICACIES The News To Use … (No. 17)

No, true! Nobody would fly to Nicosia just for delicatessen. The island of Cyprus is one of the richest spots on earth, blessed with mountains, beaches, fertility, history and an abundance of artifacts. It’s a shame that criminal politicians divided her in two parts – one for the Greeks, one for the Turks. But which … Weiterlesen »

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WINE The Critic At Large … (No. 27)

The experts know of certain wines: Every year more is consumed than  produced! Because those wines are so immensely popular that the amount of grapes can’t fill the bottles the people want. What to do? Paper is patient, as they say, and most drinkers cant distinguish between Burgundy and Sardegna, so crooks print phantasy labels … Weiterlesen »

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HEALTH The Nice Advice … (No. 41)

Laszlo Ede de Almasy (1895-1951), an Hungarian count and explorer, the role model for the fictitious adventurer Quartermain (a lot of people believe) and „The English Patient“ of novel and movie fame (that’s for sure), discovered a secret which saved the life of those who knew: Some drops of simple Chianti wine make even putrid … Weiterlesen »

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