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Botswana Is Turning The Screw …

… and Safaris become more and more difficult! WELL, MAYBE THEY ARE WISE IN A WAY – protecting wildlife against tourism. The latest „security measures“ for the Okavango Delta, the Savuti, the Kalahari and so on are as follows: 1. You can build a camp with maximal 12 tents only! 2. A group which is lager than … Continue reading »

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WILDLIFE A Country Counts The Killers

A strange thing took place in Botswana …IT HAPPENED IN THE PARLIAMENT, in the spring of 2017, in the capital of Gaborone, when the Minister of Wildlife, Tshekedi Khama (the brother of the president, by the way), had to answer this question: „How many of our animals were poached between 2014 and 2017?“ And Khama … Continue reading »

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BOTSWANA The USA Will Conquer Her …

The day is near: In 2017! Then there are no private safaris anymore IT WILL HAP- PEN, the experts are sure – no, they know. From 2017 on. Then the paradise will be closed. BOTSWANA will nor allow private safaris or travelling on your own. Everything will be centrally organized, by or through officially licensed … Continue reading »

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WILDLIFE The Sad, Sad, Sad Elephant Count …

Meet Mike Chase who is desperate about what he found out Chase is an American conservation biologist and since February 2014 he counts. It’s an areal census of African elephants and he is flying over all the countries were they live – or are supposed to live. Or are gone. Disappeared, extinct. When he started, … Continue reading »

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TRAVEL Moments You Never Forget …

… like a journey with the „Zambezi Queen“ in BotswanaI confess, I didn’t make the journey myself, but I visited the boat. A beautiful vessel, equipped in luxurious splendor, and steaming a unique route – along the Cbobe river in Botswana, just a few kilometers away from the convergence point with Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe! … Continue reading »

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AIRPORTS If You Ever Come To …

… Mfuwe in Zambia – watch out for the friendly carpets!Where is Mwufe? Yes, that’s the million-dollar-question! Mfuwe is an airport in the Hinterland of Zambia. It’s the gate to the precious Luangwa Valley, the wildlife heaven of this southern African country. There is a great lodge under the same name, belonging – like five … Continue reading »

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GOLF In Praise of … Swakopmund (No. 29)

Even if you are not playing, the club is worth visiting …The name: Rossmund Golf Club. A desert course, cut out of the Namib with 18 stretches of grass. „Out of Bounds“ means sand. But: 1. You pass the colonial locomotive „Luther“ in the exact spot where it broke down permanently. Therefore the name. After … Continue reading »

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