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Tagged With: Waterfall

ADVENTURE A Conversation Piece … (No. 28)

That’s tough: A man, age 40+, wants to commit suicide and chooses a 100 % deadly way – he jumps into and over the 53 m (or 180 ft.) high Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. Just two people survived such a deed, and only 18 managed to stay alive in specially built containers since 1901. … Weiterlesen »

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WATERFALLS A Story Of Glory … (No. 10)

  Paradise on earth is – well, I don’t know your spiritual condition. But I can tell you where I found one: southern tip of Brazil, in the border corner with Argentina and Paraguay. There are the Iguacu, the most beautiful and largest waterfalls on the globe. Miles of cascading river – and where the … Weiterlesen »

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