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POLITICS No „Comrade“ Nonsense Anymore!

In Zimbabwe they begin to wake up to reality … YOU COULD GO TO PRISON, some years ago, if you forgot to call Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe „Comrade“ face to face. All his compañeros from the struggle for liberation in the 1970s were „Comrades“, or at least „Cmr“ in print. This communist or socialist address … Continue reading »

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ART Oh, What A Shame … (No. 20)

Discover a treasure, hidden in the Bauhaus in Dessau for years! The artist was a poor person, both in fate and personality: Communist, member of the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau, Nazi prisoner, victim in a Concentration Camp, close collaborator with its SS commandant, soldier in the infamous penal company 999, prisoner of war in Yugoslavia, … Continue reading »

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DISCOVERY A Conversation Piece (No. 49)

Look what fell out of a century old book!Basically, it’s nothing. Just a leaf from an old German calender. Sunday, 27th of December 1896. You rumple it and throw it away. But I looked closer and discovered strange things, now long forgotten and not important anymore. For example: 1870 – Beginning of the bombardment of … Continue reading »

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NIGHTCLUBS If You Ever Come To … (No. 75)

… Beirut, you shouldn’t miss the „B018“!It’s the nightclub, say Naomi Campbell and Gianna Nannini. The location is Quarantaine, 18 km north of Beirut and one of the worst quarters of the civil war in Lebanon. The club lies deep in the earth, the seats resemble coffins and the experts have come to the conclusion that … Continue reading »

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MILITARY Interesting People … (No. 24)

Ernst Vollbehr, German painter and the inventor of „field grey“He called himself an artist between „hell and heaven with brush and palette“: Ernst Vollbehr (1876-1960).
He was the best painter of the German colonies, often illustrating wars between the natives and the „Schutztruppe“, the expedition army. One day he was invited to show his works in the … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS A Story of Glory … (No. 40)

Hallelujah, the elephants are back in Angola!!! Andreas Bender, my admired friend, the Last Master of the Art of Travel, send me a message from Gaborone (Botswana). With wonderful news, I like to share with you all: „During the five weeks I’ve spent in the Okavango Delta, guiding mobile safaris, I have met my friend … Continue reading »

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WAR A Conversation Piece … (No. 25)

You know you invented the „Molotov Cocktail“? The Fins …No, the Soviet politician Molotov didn’t do it. On the contrary – the Russians were the the first victims! The Fins came up with these bottle-bombs when they were pulled into a war against the Red Army in 1939/40 which they couldn’t win – but almost … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS I Got A Strange Message from … (No. 12)

… Angola: Why can elephants avoid land mines? I heard from Dr. Michael Chase the other day, trailing elephants in Angola. What he told me explaines why the Thickskinned are my closest friends in the Animal Kingdom, much closer than dogs and cats. Because they are able to do so many things which are human, … Continue reading »

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